Supagard 365 Gloss Enhancer Kit

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This premium car care kit includes the perfect combination of products to help maintain your vehicles showroom shine.
Start by washing the car with the pH Neutral Shampoo and Ridgeback Sponge. After rinsing and drying, simply add a pea-sized drop of 365 Wax to the red side of the applicator sponge, apply to the panels of the exterior and buff off with a microfibre cloth. Continue around the whole vehicle completing one panel at a time.

Use Aqua Free Waterless Wash and a Microfibre Cloth as a quick clean between washes. When reapplied to maintain the glossy effect, the 250ml bottle of 365 wax contains enough product to last a whole year!


1 x 365 Gloss Enhancer 250ml

1 x Applicator Sponge

1 x Aqua Free Waterless Wash 500ml

2 x Microfibre Cloths

1 x pH Neutral Shampoo 500ml

1 x Ridgeback Sponge